Animal Feed and Pet Food

Registration Services

Animal Feed, Pet Food Registration & Tonnage Reports

Spring Regulatory Sciences offers full service regulatory consulting services and management for Animal Feed and Pet Food licensing, registration, renewal and tonnage reporting. Our team of professionals will assist with all aspects of U.S. registration requirements in each of the 49 states that require registration, and Puerto Rico.

Our Regulatory Experts Work Carefully to Ensure your Product’s Compliance in all States

We prepare and submit new product registration packages, as well as licensing applications. We work directly with state regulatory officials as your agent, to move your products through the regulatory system efficiently. We take on the role of license and registration renewal and tonnage reporting so you that you may focus on your core business.

Let Us Help You Meet Your Goals

We provide expert guidance for product labeling, ingredient review, animal drug and feed additives, and laboratory testing for nutrients, contaminants and additives. We conduct label reviews of your product’s to ensure the label is in compliance with all different state laws.

Trust Us to Take the Hassle Out of Product and License Renewal’s and Tonnage Reporting

Each state within the United States maintains its own laws and regulations regarding animal feed and pet food. Our skilled team has a complete understanding of the requirements necessary to ensure your products make it to the marketplace efficiently.

Don’t allow the frustration of stop sales and late fees from missing renewal and tonnage reporting deadlines get in the way of your business. Let our team of experts handle this for you.


International Registration Gives Companies a Competitive Advantage

Spring Regulatory Sciences helps companies create and use the competitive advantage of offering their customers products that are ready to market. We have decades of experience in meeting the registration requirements in over 100 countries worldwide, and we will work on your behalf to increase your reach in the global marketplace.

With our vast global network of consultants, you can rest assured that we can get your products registered in every international market. We can also help foreign-based products enter the American market efficiently. As your registered agent, we provide you with an office in the United States.

We Assist with Obtaining and Maintaining Product Registrations so You Stand out in the Worldwide Technical Active Ingredients & Formulated Pesticide Market

  • We offer a full range of Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulatory compliance services.

  • We pride ourselves on having many EPA contacts and excellent working relationships within EPA, PMRA, CDPR and other agencies in many countries throughout the world.

  • Our staff will represent your interests with CropLife America (CLA), the Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA) and any industry Task Force set up to defend your chemistries with various government agencies.

  • We work with the leading laboratories in the industry to produce OECD and U.S. GLP data to support your applications.

We Make Sure You Meet the Requirements of Foreign Markets So You Can Sell Your Products

It is our priority to work closely with you throughout each stage of the registration and approval process. We utilize our extensive network of connections to make international registration services as simple as possible so you can expand your product across the globe.

  • Maximum Residue Level (MRL) and MRL exemption petitions for active ingredients and inert ingredients

  • Complete Pesticide registration applications

  • Manage studies to support your applications by working with certified laboratories around the world


Partner with Spring Regulatory Sciences and Never Worry About Animal Feed & Pet Food Licensing, Registration & Tonnage Reports Again

With over 40 years of industry knowledge, expert problem-solving skills and world-class leadership, let us take it from here.


Partner with Spring Regulatory Sciences for International Registration Services and Broaden Your Market Across the Globe

With over 40 years of industry knowledge, expert problem-solving skills and world-class leadership,let us take it from here.