State Registrations

State Registrations

State Registration & Renewal Services

For decades, our team has successfully completed fertilizer and pesticide registrations in each of the 50 states and all U.S. territories. We have the experience to handle the more complex state registration requirements in California, Florida and Washington.

With Our Vast Network of Contacts, We Make State Registration Compliance Easy

We work closely with you to make sure your products go to market efficiently, and we seamlessly take on the responsibility of renewal each year.

We Help You Avoid Obstacles and Get Your Products to Market Timely:

  • We offer a full range of state fertilizer and pesticide registrations services, including the more demanding state requirements.

  • We provide skilled assistance so you avoid costly late fees when we manage your California mill reporting.
  • We offer innovative solutions, expert strategies and seamless execution for all your data requirements, including California efficacy testing and any product chemistry data.
  • We work with the top industry laboratories to produce OECD, U.S. GLP and field-testing data to support your applications.
  • One Label that works for all states

We Have Created a Seamless Transition and Offer a Simple Pricing Structure for Your State Regulatory Needs

We pride ourselves in having numerous industry contacts and excellent working relationships within the agencies, including those with special regulatory needs. You can rest assured that the fertilizer and pesticide registration and renewal process will run smoothly with our expert team managing your regulatory needs.

We offer flat fee pricing for registration submissions and renewals. We contact all states to setup Spring Regulatory Sciences as your authorized agent, and we notify you of all upcoming renewals a couple of months in advance of the renewal date. You verify any necessary changes, and we take care of the rest; it’s that simple.

Partner with Spring Regulatory Sciences and Never Worry About State Registrations and Renewals Again

With over 40 years of industry knowledge, expert problem-solving skills and world-class leadership,let us take it from here.